Synopsis Coffee & Vanilla, Sweet Love of Businessmen and Students

Synopsis Coffee & Vanilla, Sweet Love of Businessmen and Students – Coffee & Vanilla became a romantic comedy drama starring Dori Sakurada before starring in Alice in Borderland. In the series, he plays a successful businessman who likes plain students from the village.

Synopsis Coffee & Vanilla, Sweet Love of Businessmen and Students


The following is a synopsis of the Coffee & Vanilla series.

railslivecd – Coffee & Vanilla begins with the life of Risa Shiroki (Haruka Fukuhara), a 20 year old student from the region. In order to carry out his knowledge, he moved to Tokyo. On campus, she was known as one of the most beautiful and charming students.

So many men who tried to approach her but she was always nervous when it came to dealing with them. Risa also often refuses invitations to gather or go out with the man.

Risa is actually a very innocent woman and has sweet dreams.

One day, he is faced with people who tend to insist on getting acquainted. In that situation, he met Hiroto Fukami (Dori Sakurada). Hiroto helped Risa out of the situation. After that, Hiroto immediately admitted that he was interested in getting to know Risa even more.

Hiroto looked so gentle and the figure of a perfect man. Their relationship also took place so fast. Risa in no time really liked Hiroto. This makes Risa not really aware of Hiroto’s past.

However, Hiroto wasn’t the only boy around Risa. He also has Tsubasa Yoshiki (Yuuki Ogoe), a friend at college who has long liked Risa and tried to get him.

Risa also has to face several situations beyond her means because of Takaaki Akutsu (Mario Kuroba) who is Hiroto Fukami’s business competitor.

Coffee & Vanilla is a drama that brings Dori Sakurada and Haruka Fukuhara together again. Previously, they both starred in Good Morning Call in 2016.

This series is the result of a manga adaptation with a similar theme by Takara Akegami which was released in 2015. This series was written by the creator with Yuko Shimoda and Sorami Date. Coffee & Vanilla first aired in Japan on July 4, 2019.

This adult-only series has 10 episodes with a duration of about 30 minutes each.