Synopsis Drama Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki’s Action Against Criminals

Synopsis Drama Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki’s Action Against Criminals – Song Joong-ki starred in the dark comedy Korean drama titled Vincenzo with Jeon Yeo-bin. The following is a synopsis of the Korean drama Vincenzo which will air on Netflix.

Synopsis Drama Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki’s Action Against Criminals


railslivecd – Vincenzo tells the story of a man from South Korea who spent most of his life advising the mafia in Milan, Italy. However an incident brought him back to his homeland.

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong-ki) is a lawyer who is cruel and has the heart to go to extremes to achieve his goals. He worked as an advisor to a well-known mafia organization in the city of Milan, Italy.

As a result of the war between the mafia groups that broke out in Milan, Vincenzo decided to return to his land of expertise in South Korea.

While in Korea, he used the name Park Joo-hyung and met lawyer Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-bin).

The two of them joined a law firm called Woosang. In their actions, they used heinous methods to bring down criminals who couldn’t be punished in a normal way. This intense meeting made Vincenzo Cassano fall in love with Cha-young.

Until a junior lawyer named Jang Joon-woo (Taecyeon 2PM) appeared. He became an intern at Cha-young’s place of work.

Behind his calm figure, Jang Joon-woo is a man who is free-spirited and easily adapts to any situation. But the feelings for Cha-young make him a man who is willing to do anything to compete with Vincenzo.

The drama Vincenzo is the latest work of director Kim Hee-won. He is known through a number of series such as The Crowned Clown (2019), Money Flower (2017), Golden Pouch (2016-2017), Glamorous Temptation (2015-2016) and Warm and Cozy (2015).

This drama also involves Park Jae-bum as a script writer. Prior to Vincenzo, he had written a number of Korean dramas such as The Fiery Priest (2019), Good Manager (2017), and Blood (2015).

The Korean drama Vincenzo will premiere on tvN starting on Saturday, February 20 and is also available on the pay channel Netflix on the same day.