Synopsis of the film Godzilla VS Kong

Synopsis of the film Godzilla VS Kong – The long-awaited monster world film or Monsterverse finally gets an official broadcast schedule. Godzilla VS Kong, will premiere on March 26, 2021. How is the synopsis for the Godzilla VS Kong film?

Synopsis of the film Godzilla VS Kong

synopsis-of-the-film-godzilla-vs-kong – Monster movie fans are clearly looking forward to this exciting news. Because finally you can see the two strongest monsters fighting in one screen.

There is nothing wrong if you look at the synopsis of the Godzilla VS Kong film first and a little detail in it.

Based on the trailer and film synopsis of Godzilla VS Kong, it tells the story of the battle between the two greatest powers on earth. They are Godzilla, the monster lizard evolution that became the legend of Jepanga and Kong, the giant gorilla.

Godzilla and Kong meet and destroy each other. The battle of these two monsters will be so intense that it threatens the existence of mankind.

The Godzilla VS Kong battle makes humanity have to endure in various ways. A risky path must also be taken, including destroying the two giants.

At the same time, the mysterious Monarch organization was investigating the origin of the Titans, the giant creatures that existed on this earth.

The Long Awaited Movie

After his action against King Ghidorah, Godzilla was still traveling around exploring the oceans of this Earth.

At the same time, Kong, who was already captured on Skull Island, was brought to a larger land. The meeting between the two was inevitable, and this is certainly what fans have wanted for a long time.

Monsterverse itself offers an adventure that is different from other action and science fiction films. Starring very large monsters and giants, the action and visuals that are presented always succeed in entertaining all the audience.

You can imagine excitement like the Pacific Rim film, battles like Godzilla VS King Ghidorah, and Kong’s adventure on Skull Island into one very epic film, right? Well these expectations are what appear in the eyes of fans when waiting for this one film.

With the trailer officially released and the accompanying synopsis of the Godzilla VS Kong film, fans should have high expectations for this film. If the trailer was impressive, of course the full movie would make for a more exciting experience, right?